Media Officer


The Appointed Media Officer for the club shall be Scott Forrest (Secretary)

The Media Officer is the person responsible in the first instance for media communications and liaison at the club.

The Media Officer may be contacted prior to, during or after matches in relation to any media requests and will endeavour to facilitate any reasonable requests for media access to Players, Management, Committee or Otherwise as requested.

The contact details are as follows:

Scott Forrest (M) 07826 840020

In the absence of the nominated Media Officer, for whatever reason, the Club may from time-to-time as required delegate the role to a nominated deputy.

During match days, with prior arrangement and agreement, the Club will endeavour to provide undercover facilities for a restricted number of media representatives subject to availability and using best practice at all times.

There are no telecoms or Wi-Fi facilities provided by the club.

Directions to our park can be found on our website

There are a limited number of public parking spaces adjacent to the park in the surrounding streets. The club does not have a specific car park for spectators. There is a designated disabled parking space adjacent to the park.

Approved by the Committee

Hill of Beath Hawthorn F.C.

1st November 2018