The Haw's squad for 2017/18 has plenty of experience and skill. We will welcome some exciting new signings this season as we look to bring more silverware to the club.


Avenue Recruitment Services Sponsor our Home Kit


Kevin Fotheringham - Manager
Kit Sponsor: - Mike Glackin

Tony Higgins - GK Coach         John Wylie - Coach

stuart_hall 3.png

Stuart Hall: - Goalkeeper
Home Kit Sponsor: - Robert Hood
Away Kit Sponsor: - Willie Hall

Scott Costello:- Goalkeeper


Lee Bryce: - Forward
Home Kit sponsor - Chic Smith

Russell Grierson: - Midfielder/Defender
Home Kit Sponsor: - Frank Stewart
Away Kit Sponsor: - David Baillie

Lee Reid: - Midfielder
Home Kit Sponsor: - Joe Reid
Away Kit Sponsor: - David Baillie

Stephen Forbes: - Midfielder
Home Kit Sponsor: - Hospitality Club
Away kit Sponsor: - Stan Samsil

Michael Perrie.jpg

Michael Perrie: - Midfielder/Defender
Home Kit Sponsor: - Alex Hunter
Away Kit sponsor:- Frankie Stewart

Lea Schiavone:- Midfielder
Home & Away Kit Sponsor:- Bodycare Clinics Ltd


Darrin Wright - Coach        Stevie McInroy - Coach
Kit Sponsor:-                       Kit Sponsor:-
Mike Glackin                       Neil MacLagan

Carolyn Addis: - Physio
Kit Sponsor: - George Addis

rikki_dair 2.png

Rikki Dair: - Club Captain - Defender     
Home Kit Sponsor: - Graham Dair
Away  Kit Sponsor: - Willie Hall       


Shaun Leishman: - Midfielder/Defender
Home Kit Sponsor: - Bill Smith
Away Kit Sponsor: - Jock Finlayson

    Calum Adamson: - Forward
    Home Kit sponsor: - Alan Maskell
    Away  Kit sponsor: - Jody Robert Black


Kevin Conners: - Defender
Home Kit Sponsor: - George Addis
Away Kit Sponsor:- Jacqui Baillie

Aaron Hay: - Midfielder/Forward
Home Kit Sponsor: - Gordon Penman
Away  Kit sponsor: - Alex Whyte


Greig Smith: - Midfielder/Forward
Home Kit sponsor: - Eddie Traynor

Michael Lee:- Defender/Midfielder
Home Kit Sponsor:- Neil MacLagan

Lewis Elder: - Forward
Home & Away Kit Sponsor:- Jim Stenhouse

Rory Harrower.png

Rory Harrower:- Defender