A thank you from "The Legend"

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the club for their support and loyalty shown to me during the last 40years.  Recently I was presented with a quaich by Dave Baillie and Bill Smith, for me that was special.  Dave and Bill were two of the foundation stones on which this great football club was built.  

From my heart and soul, I would like to thank all my players who pulled on the famous red jersey their character, commitment, will to win and most importantly their loyalty made THE "HAWS" the most successful team in Fife during the last 40years and arguably of all time.

Over the years many asked the question what was the secret of our success, the answer was simple, everything on and off the park was achieved by teamwork.

Lastly I would like to assure the people in the "HAWS" inner sanctum that I will always value their friendship above everything that I achieved in the football.